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Wonders of the sea in the ECE is the crown Jewl of Mazu Gold. This is the most important nutritional breakthrough of the last 20 years. A power house of micro-nutrients with remarkable healing properties and antioxidants that forced him into a super food from the sea is greater than anything grown on land.
This plant is rare exotic marine harvested from cold waters, deep, nutrient-rich, near Mazu Island. The source of pure, untouched by the destruction of civilization, divers collect "ECE" from a depth of more than 100 meters below sea level. This was naturally dried is then inserted through the three-phase purification bath. This process protects the nutrients, then and only then are the key nutrients extracted and included in the Mazu Gold.
Organic matter from plants has been accumulated over thousands of years and have been stored in the soil as humic nutrition. Humic Nutrition helps plants grow naturally and are considered the essence of life.
Surprising is that although some of this comes from decomposed plants that grow vibrantly as much as 100,000 years ago, he still has the same nutritional strengths such as when plants are still alive for pure time without damage from exposure to pollution.
Countless scientific studies show a powerful natural substances to have a tremendous potential to increase the immune nature - both in the battle against the virus and as a precaution at the beginning of the virus.
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