Things You Must Know Before Buying Touch-Enabled Windows 8.1 PC

With substantial changes coming up in the computing world, Windows 8 has successfully brought the touchscreen revolution into the core computing, notebooks, laptops, tablets, and many other computing devices. Featuring Modern user interface (UI) and tiled interface, the Windows 8 devices are high on style and cheaper at price. It has now been over a year since the Windows 8 full version was released, and the company later on released Windows 8.1, an update to Windows 8. The company is now manufacturing its own devices that come with Windows 8.1 OS pre-installed on them. Responding to great challenges from personal, business, and gaming world, Windows 8.1 PCs are now serving as the base component for touch-enabled laptops, convertibles, and Windows tablets.
If you're heading towards a retail store to buy a new Windows 8.1 laptop or tablet, then here's some of the things you should know before your actually buy:
1.       Windows RT isn't too popular
  1. Windows RT and Windows 8 were launched simultaneously and soon after its launch many OEMs launched their own Windows RT devices. Some of the devices were having the shape and characteristics like that of a full-fledge laptop, but it actually ran on Windows RT. Although, the Windows RT version was developed for empowering mobiles devices, but it doesn't perform well on all of them. The company realized its potential and withdraws the Windows RT powered machines from the market. Presently, only Microsoft's original Surface RT (now renamed the Surface), Surface 2, and Nokia's Lumia 2520 tablet is running on this Windows version.
2.       Bay Trail technology outperforms with ARM
Intel's Bay Trail technology is extremely competitive and powerful performer, when paired with the ARM architecture. The technology allows devices to run full versions of Windows 8.1 with an excellent support to the range of desktop programs. ARM chips are generally used in Smartphones, iPads, Android devices, and Windows RT devices however, Bay Trail technology is the ideal companion for ensuring optimal productivity. Bay Trail is renowned for offering comparable price and performance to ARM chips, and examples of the same are all the Windows 8.1 tablets and convertibles.
3.       Haswell Chips offer longer battery life
Although, incorporation of powerful Core i5 or i7 processor makes a device an expensive one, but the, Intel's new Haswell architecture ensures its better battery life. For instance, Microsoft's first edition of Surface Pro devices lasted only for four hours or so, but with the new Haswell architecture, the Surface Pro 2 lasted for over eight hours. This change in the battery life span is important because users buy laptops, tablets, notebooks, and other portable devices to use them without plugging-in the charging cable. Haswell chips are powerful enough to offer long-lasting battery life and at the same time it also boosts up the performance of a mobile tablet and makes it experience like that of a laptop.
4.       Some may give free copies of Microsoft      (MS) Office
Some devices come with free versions of MS Office Home & Student edition pre-installed on them so that you don't spend extra dollars to buy this useful suite. All Windows RT devices, 8-inches Windows 8.1 tablets, and even some other Windows 8 machines come with the pre-installed copy of MS Office suite to ensure optimal productivity. You may be surprised to know that yet it is true that many of the larger devices will not include free copies of Office. Microsoft is a smart business player and completely understands that a serious laptop will require to run Office, hence, a user will have to purchase it. But they offer a free version in tablet devices just because they are aware a user won't buy Office for an eight-inch tablet.
5.       Touchscreen PCs are future of computing
Microsoft and Intel are two most prominent business groups that are working together to make the future of computing go touchscreen. Nowadays, every Windows PC buyer looks for a touch-enabled screen that falls within their predefined budget. Whether it's being a tablet with an optional keyboard, a convertible with a hinge to transform tablet and laptop, or just a standard touch-enabled laptop, every device come with Windows 8. By offering a premium and affordable range of products, these companies are working towards meeting their long-term goal that focus on taking every Windows PC on the market support touch.
Hopefully, all the above mentioned points have helped you to understand the current state of the Windows PC market and what you should look before you actually buy a Windows 8.1 PC. Windows PCs work best when incorporate Intel's new Haswell and Bay Trail architectures. The devices also offer amazing battery life, when used with the suggestions mentioned along with its purchase. Prices for touch-enables devices have recently come down to an affordable or budget- friendly range hence, anyone can now own a laptop or convertible with a touch screen. If you've understood all the above mentioned points, then you're ready to analyze a Windows-powered device on various parameters, before finally buying the same.

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