Free Computer Help - Windows Seven Keyboard Shortcuts

It is great to learn about Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts and have greater control over the operating system and your computer. Who's the boss here?

1. You can dock the current using Windows to the left side of the screen through pressing Window key + Left arrow key.

2. Window key + Right arrow key helps you to dock the current using window to the right side of your screen.

3. You can easily maximize and even restore the foreground window by pressing Window key + upward key.

4. Windows key + downward key in order to minimize the activated window for the moment.

5. If you want to have smaller icons at the taskbar just like Vista then you can go to Taskbaràright clickàselect propertiesàcheck mark the ‘Use small icons' optionàthen alter the "Taskbar Buttons" option towards ‘Never combine.'

6. You can easily burn the ISO files yourself without making use of user grapples with applications of third party.

7. If you have multi-monitor set up for your computer then you can easily a shift one window screen to the other monitor by pressing Win key + SHIFT key + Left arrow key or Right arrow key.

8. Now you can install a new font in your documents tools by downloading the font and then double clicking on it. It will show an install button along with it.

9. If you want to run some program with complete administrative rights then just hold the keys CTRL + SHIFT together by placing the option on to the application you want to open.

My personal favorite is the good old simple keyboard shortcut that been around forever. You simply press the WINKEY and the letter D on the keyboard to show the dektop. I have many more free Windows Seven Tips to share with you.

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