Seven Days with Windows 7: Boot-Up and First Impressions

Unprecedented marketing binge launched by Microsoft has put Windows 7 on everybody’s lips. The newest avatar of the storied operating system has generated insatiable curiosity and queries regarding features, pricing, enhancements and security. Such a euphoria demands an in-depth flash back, unraveling the making and culmination of the phenomenon called Windows 7.

The myriad features may be reasons to own a system installed with window7. Some of the features of Windows 7 are:

Full Screen Previews

It is the first feature that shows the full-screen previews. Like Vista, hovering over a taskbar item shows a screenshot of the program. However, in Windows 7, hovering over the screenshot brings up that window and makes the others transparent. This is especially handy if you use Internet Explorer, as hovering over the IE icon shows thumbnails for all open tabs and right now there is no support for this feature in other Internet browsers. Windows Media Player 12 also has a thumbnail preview that has play controls so you no longer have to restore the window to pause music.

Window Management

Open windows are much more facility managed now. Two new features are Windows Aero Snap and Aero Shake and these two new features have been talked about on Mintywhite before. In Windows 7, when a window is dragged to the top of the desktop it is automatically resized to full-screen and when it is dragged away, it shrinks to its original size. The second Snap feature causing a window to take up that half of the screen and this occurs when you drag a window all the way to the right or left. This is mainly handy with two instances of Windows Explorer open, when there are a number of click-and-drag actions. Also, Windows Shake is fun to play with. When multiple windows are open, the other windows will minimize as you grab one by the title bar, shake it slightly. If you will do it once more and all the windows will be restored.

Enhance Notification Area

The next thing noticed is the right side of the taskbar. It looks much more connected (but the icons should be colored), mainly due to the fact that tray icons are now organized in a drop-down menu. It is much simpler to connect to networks now, as the network icon, when clicked on does not shows all networks in a separate window but displays a menu of all available networks right on the desktop. You can also enter a password there. There is also a small space at the very end that makes all windows clear when the cursor moved over it, making the desktop visible which is also known as Windows Peek. It is more handy if you use Windows Gadgets or the new Sticky Notes program.

The Task Bar and Start Menu

Now, it is lot easier to work on multiple windows at the same time. Windows 7 enables user to pin any of their favorite program to the taskbar. When user hovers over the icon in the taskbar, he will be able to see thumbnails of windows open under that application and when the user hovers over that thumbnail, he will be able to see full-screen preview of that window. The users also have the option to click and drag any icon on to the taskbar.

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