Windows Seven Tips - Three Computer Tips For Windows 7

Windows 7 is the only operating system available in beta version which is surely much better than the much latest version of the Windows Vista. This comes with really exciting features. Unfortunately all the features are not easy to figure out, therefore here is a step by step list of some useful but important tips for Windows 7:

PC Safeguard:

Many people rarely feel afraid of giving their PCs to other people because they feel that other people will mess their settings and desktop. The Windows 7 has a solution for this. After another user has been logged off, the configurations are definitely restored to the normal which have been given by other users you have defined.

In order to use the PC safeguard, just go to Control panel>User accounts>Create a new account>Select "Set Up Pc Safeguard">Switch it on, now you are done with it.

Screen Calibration:

Luckily the Windows 7 is available with a display calibration wizard which lets you adjust the brightness of the screen accurately for viewing the pictures and text correctly. The problem of getting a hay way picture on one Pc and bad on other can be solved by pressing the Win key and then just type "DCCW".

App Locker:

In case you share your computer with someone else also then you surely want to restrict their access towards your applications, documents or files. You can do this through App locker tool, you can block other people by various ways like blocking their access through path, specific publisher, Windows installer or Executables. This is a highly advanced step and you can see more details about it on the Windows Seven Tips page. However if you are an experienced computer user follow these steps below:

Press the start button>type Gpedit.msc.go to Computer Navigation>Windows Settings>Security Settings>Application Control Policies>AppLocker>Right click on any option ( Executables, Installers, or Script )>create a new rule. Set the rule which may protect you from such headaches.

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