Increase your Windows XP Color Depth and Quality

Are you bored with your fade and poor picture quality of your Windows XP? Your downloaded color photos look black and white? Well, now you have a solution. Increase your Windows XP color depth and quality via remote desktop or terminal services connection. The color depth is limited in order to improve your connection performance especially when the link is slow.

High quality video display of the remote computer or remote virtual machine over your Remote Desktop connection is not so important or that doesn’t make a difference. If you want advanced high definition graphics display then you should connect to a Windows XP system on 16-bit color quality which will make some colors look strange.

This will possibly increase and push the limit on the color depth of any other connection to your Terminal Server or Remote Desktop Server via your Remote Desktop or Terminal Service connection which is useful especially in case of Windows XP Mode. You can use this to run virtualized apps like IE6 natively on Windows 7 host desktop where your Windows 7 host connects to the virtual machine via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). With the change in color quality and depth your Internet surfing will be more colorful.

You can change the color depth limit on Windows XP. All you have to do is click on the Tools menu of your virtual machine window and then select Disable Integration Features before you continue with the procedure. Then after changing the maximum color depth limit re-enable your integration features.

And follow these seven steps:

   1. In your Windows XP operating system, click on Start menu and then click Run
   2. Type GPEdit.msc to open Group Policy Editor
   3. Then navigate to Local Computer Policy, click Computer Configuration, then click Administrative Templates, click on Windows Components, click Terminal Services.
   4. In your right pane, double-click on Limit Maximum Color Depth setting.
   5. In your Properties dialog, select the radio button of Enabled and then set your Color Depth value to 24 bit or Client Compatible.
   6. Click OK when you are done.
   7. Restart your computer after this.

These steps will allow your Remote Desktop and Terminal Services connection to connect it at a higher color depth. But if you are connecting to Windows XP in virtual machine, it should check that the Color Quality setting should be set to either 24-bit or 32-bit color in your high screen resolution. You can get more information on this from Internet.

In a simpler way you can change your color depth and resolution in Windows XP from your computer by following these six steps:

   1. Click Start, go to Control Panel.
   2. Double-click on Display.
   3. Click your Settings tab.
   4. Change your desirable color depth using the Color Quality menu.
   5. Change the resolution using the Screen Resolution slider.
   6. Lastly click OK to apply the changes

You can follow any of these two procedures to increase your color depth and quality of your Windows XP. You can even get more information about it from Internet

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