Windows 7 useful software

IF you are looking for Windows 7 software which can help you make your work easier, then this article describes about some really useful software. This software can save your precious time and even set tasks more effectively.

Handy Password Manager
Now, you don't have to remember a lot of personal information like your logins, passwords. Handy Password manager will do it for you. For Internet users who have lots of favorite websites and pages, this software is a great choice. Handy Password manager provides features like bookmark and password manager for Windows 7. It will remember all of your important information, and fill it automatically when required.

It also guards your data by generating strong unbreakable passwords. To make your work in Internet more pleasant, Password Manager can remember all your bookmarks with form fields.

Dr. Web Antivirus
If you use Internet for every single task then you need an effective antivirus software. Dr. Web is reliable and good security software which protects your PC from malicious software that can cause loss of vital information or computer breakdown.

Dr. Web will automatically search for hidden viruses and remove all of them to make your PC a virus free machine. It updates virus databases automatically. Dr. Web will give your PC a reliable protection without high system requirements.

E-mail Follow-Up
E-mail Follow-Up checks all those letters that were not answered by sending a template
letter to inform about it. After you install the application
, you'll be able to customize settings of
getting an answer like when an answer should be received and which characteristic should the letter have
to be recognized as an answer. It can also remind you to answer important e-mails.

Live Weather Watcher
If you want to get exact weather forecasts then this program might be helpful to you. It is a strong weather
Informant that gathers and simplifies weather information from a number of meteorological stations that is located around your city.

Its database consists of seventy seven thousand settlements. This software automatically updates its database every hour. This application shows temperature, cloudiness level, wind strength, wind speed, and atmosphere pressure. It also informs you about fore coming weather information.

Leader Task
Today everyone needs a powerful instrument to organize his time. Leader Task is such
an application. It can become your devoted friend and your essential assistant. It will help you to see sequence of your actions absolutely clear by organizing your day, week, and month tasks.

It will take all the routine for itself and leave you precious time for creativity.

Besides all these features, Leader Task is a useful Project Manager. Leader Task will automatically create a to-do list for a day according to your plans, targets and priorities.

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