Netcrawl Feature in Windows

What Is Netcrawl?

The Network Crawler is a feature of the Windows Explorer shell that automatically searches your network for shared printers or shared folders. The shared folders will appear in My Network Places as icons, and they indicate both the share name and the computer on which they’re located. Shared printers don’t appear in My Network Places, but they’re installed silently and will appear in the Printers and Faxes folder.

Functions of Netcrawl

Searches your network for shared folders and printers

Installs shared printers silently

Creates My Network Places shortcuts to shared folders

Netcrawl Details

It adds shortcuts to the My Network Places for the ten most recently created shares on any computer on your network. It also installs the ten most recently shared printers on any computer. So, if you have more than ten shared printers or more than ten shared folders on a computer, you won’t expect to see them in the My Network Places.

The crawled shares are aged out if they have not been crawled for seven days. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the shares are not available. Because of this ten share rule, you may have ten shared that are crawled for a computer on one day and then the next day an eleventh share is created, so you would crawl the ten most recently created shares. The result is that seven days later the very first share that was created would be aged out and the icon would be removed from your My Network Places folder.

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