How to create USB Windows Vista password reset disk?

Forgetting Windows vista password is a common thing many people may meet. It's bored as you aren't able to log in your system. It could ruin your day completely if you don't know how to do. Creating a vista password reset disk is essential in case one day you will need it. In this article , I will show you how to create USB windows vista password reset disk to reset forgotten password.

How to create USB windows vista password reset disk

To create a USB password reset disk on Windows Vista, click on Start- Run , type Control Userpasswords in the box. In the Programs list, click Control Userpasswords and follow the steps below:

   1. Plug in a USB flash drive and click on Create a password reset disk under tasks.


   2.   In the Forgotten Password Wizard welcome , choose your USB, then Next.


   3.  In the Current user account password box, type the password and then click Next.

   4.   When the progress finish, Click next and then close the wizard. You've created a USB password reset disk.

You can label the USB drive as Windows password reset disk for future use. To use it when you have forgotten Windows vista password, follow these steps:

How to use USB Windows Vista password reset disk

   1. Plug in the USB password reset disk you created before and boot Windows Vista normally.
   2. At the login screen click Reset Password.
   3. Follow the instruction and click next
   4. Type a new password and confirm. You can type a password hint to remind you what the password is.
   5. Click Next and Finish the progress.

Now you can log in Vista with the new password. This USB password reset disk only use in the account in your computer which you've created previous.

If you need to reset windows vista password and you don't have a password reset disk. What should you do? In this situation, You may need Windows Password Key, it's 100% recovery rate. And save your time and energy. With this program, you don't need to worry about when you or your friends have forgotten windows password.

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