Windows Vista: Will You Be One of the 39 Percent?

39% of businesses will install it within the first 12 months of it's debut. And of those businesses, 19% will install it within the first 6 months (InformationWeek Magazine, Oct. 2006). One thing is will change with way you do business. Are you ready for Microsoft's Windows Vista?
What is Windows Vista you ask?
Due for its release in November 2006 (next month) Microsoft Windows Vista is an operating system. In layman's terms, an operating system can be explained like the foundation of a home. You cannot build a home without first building the foundation. The same principle applies to Microsoft Windows Vista. Windows is the most fundamental and essential piece of a user's computer. Without an Operating System, programs like Word, Excel, email, Quickbooks, Peachtree, and the Internet will not work.
Three ways Vista will improve business productivity:
1. Protect your files: Computer viruses are not the only thing you need to protect yourself from anymore. Vista includes features that greatly reduce the vulnerability to threats such as viruses, spyware, worms, phishing attacks, and other potentially unwanted software. This will increase workstation uptime and reduce administrative costs over time. Also, Vista comes with a feature called BitLocker. BitLocker addresses a growing concern of theft or unwanted disclosure of data made available through physical loss of computer devices (i.e. your company laptop).
2. Performance Boost: Windows Vista includes radically new and redesigned performance enhancements:
The need for resume work: Turn your laptops on in less than 3 seconds!
Vista gets to know you: Vista learns what things you do most often, and even differentiates which applications you are likely to use at different times (for example, on the weekend versus during the week), so that your computer is ready to do what you want it to do.
Add more kick to your pc in seconds: Vista allows users to use a removable flash memory device, such as a USB thumb drive, to improve system performance without opening the computer.
Less moving parts means more reliability: Vista utilizes a new way computers will be built moving forward. New computers will have flash memory (similar to the memory used in digital cameras) built into something called a hybrid hard drive. Basically, computer files can be accessed from flash memory faster than from the mechanical hard disk. You will have less risk of hardware problems with the hard disk when you're on the move because the information will be saved on the flash memory stick first.
3. A better Internet: Internet Explorer is software used to view information on the web. Currently, Internet Explorer holds 85% global market share (Firefox is second with 12% global market share). Simply put, most people in the world use Internet Explorer and the newest release of Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer 7) will be bundled with Vista. Internet Explorer's new design has significant benefits which enhance Internet security and increase employee productivity.
Business Outlook on Vista:
In order to have a smooth transition from Windows XP to Windows Vista, most computers will need additional memory added (i.e. RAM), especially if you want to benefit from the new Flip3-D interface enhancement! If your company is considering the purchase of new computers, look for pc vendors like Dell, HP, and IBM to issue a "Vista Certified" seal indicating that they will be compatible with Vista. This will ensure a more efficient upgrade path. Also, if your company runs any programs that are older than 5 years, make sure you test them on Windows Vista to ensure they will still run.
The most common issues you will encounter is compatibility with your existing video card that your computer uses (i.e. the piece of your computer that displays the colors to your monitor) and compatibility issues with your sound card (i.e. the ability to hear sound from your computer). If you'd like to check your existing computer's compatibility with Windows Vista, go to Microsoft's website and download the Windows Vista compatibility tool from Microsoft to determine what potential issues you may run into to prepare for the update to Windows Vista. This will give you an easy to understand list of potential issues you will need to address before you upgrade.

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  1. kok masih vista, mas satriya? bukankah windows 7 malah bisa lebih kenceng loadnya?

  2. Vista?kok bukan window 7 atau window 10?salam kenal ya.kalau ada waktu kunjungi blog ane ya.