(TIPS 2) Restore / RETURN to the original position FILE-FILE AND SETTING / SETTINGS IN WINDOWS 7

If you want to restore computer files and settings in Windows 7 after upgrading from Windows XP or Windows Vista, then use the Windows Easy Transfer and follow the steps below. But with a note that before doing this, you first have to process Transfer Computer Files and settings from Windows XP or Vista, use Windows Easy Transfer.
How to restore files and settings in Windows 7 after upgrading XP or Vista?
Also note that step restore files and settings can also be done in Windows XP using Windows Easy Transfer.

* First you connect the external hard drive or other data storage media that contains the Windows Easy Transfer migration file, to your computer.
* Start Windows Easy Transfer, to restore the files and programs that should be.
* Browse to the location on the External Hard Drive, where you save a file called Easy Transfer Windows Easy Transfer (or other name as the name you provide) and double-click on the file
* Enter the password / password if Easy Transfer files protected by password, then click Next.
* On the page Choose what to transfer to this computer, you can specify how user accounts from Windows XP you will be transferred to Windows 7.
o In order to account mapping, click Transfer.
o To change the mapping of Windows XP account on Windows 7, click Advanced Options.
* On Your page transfer is complete, click See what was Transferred to view the list of users and files that have been moved from Windows XP to Windows 7. Click See a list of programs you Might Want To install on your new computer to see what had previously been installed on Windows XP.
* Click Close. When prompted to restart the computer, click Restart now.
When you transfer more than one user account, you will get a warning to change the password the next time you log on. If getting the warning, click OK, and the dialog box that appears, do the following:

* If you want to give the password for the user (recommended), type the new password, type it, and press Enter. No need to type the old password from Windows XP.
* If you do not want to use a password, leave the box blank and press Enter charging

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