How to Stop Errors on Windows Vista

Windows Vista is undoubtedly the most advanced and easy-to-use Windows operating system that Microsoft has ever made. Not only is it incredibly flexible but it's also got a great user interface and has many additional features which makes using it fun. However, Vista might be a new knight in shining armor but it still has the same Achilles heal that brings up a constant flow of errors for anyone unfortunate enough to suffer from it.

I'm talking about the Windows Vista registry - and how it could be the cause of all your errors.

You see, all the Windows systems over the years have relied heavily on a central database called the "registry" to store settings and information about the system. This database is constantly being changed, updated and moved around every second... with thousands of complicated files jumping around all over the place. Think of it like a busy highway, where each car is a computer file. That's what the Windows registry is like.

Every second that you use your computer, Windows is changing something in the registry. Be it a setting, a file or an option, it's doing something in there... which means that over time, it's going to end up losing files and even corrupting files. It does this totally by accident and there's no way to prevent it - it's just a problem that Windows has... even Windows Vista.

Normally, a corrupt registry file isn't that bad. It's like a crash on the highway - it slows down the other files a little bit whilst they try and find a detour around the problem file. The errors and problems occur when your computer starts to lose a lot of files. This is because when your computer system uses the registry, it's changing the files in there. It doesn't know if it has ruined any or lost any... which means that it doesn't know how to repair them, leading to a computer which gets slower and slower.

The worst of it is that eventually, instead of trying to detour around the problematic files... if your computer cannot handle the problems it's being faced with, it will simply stop the flow of files and throw up an error. That's what you're seeing now - an error for a problem that's buried deep in the heart of your Windows Vista computer.

So how can we fix them? It's simple really, you just need to download what's known as a "registry cleaner tool". These tools have been made to scan through your Vista registry and find the problems which are causing the errors. They then automatically fix them and find any more troublesome files for you.

The best Vista registry cleaner is one by the name of "RegCure". This software has been downloaded by over 60 million people who have all used it to speed up their Vista machines and stop errors. You can see exactly what RegCure does with this RegCure review.

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