Windows 7 Pre Order Review - Windows 7 is Already More Stable Than Vista

I've got 2 PCs running Windows seven. They are absolutely different computers in that one is sort of five years old and one is totally cutting edge with all the most recent graphics cards, for example. 

The new Windows seven Aero theme is pretty and a bit better organized and intuitive than Windows Vista Aero. An example mouse gesture that I use is to wiggle the mouse back and forwards like you are scratching something off a list. This straight away clears the desktop by hiding all the open windows. The new interface also enables you to click the thumbnails of the programs that are running. 

I am still concerned about compatibility issues, but even the few games I've run have been no problem for Windows seven. Even the most recent Fallout 3 ran flawlessly. Given that a Windows seven will be swiftly downloadable in the future and given the obvious quality of the apparent quality of the release exceeds that of Vista to ask who will trouble to Vista SP2?

In addition to Vista SP2?

In addition to frame rate increases in games, the web connection scores just about 10% higher throughput. On our 1GB connections, the difference is even more obvious. Even if you do not have machine to test drive Microsoft Microsoft Windows seven on, you can use Vmware's free desktop virtualization software to line up and start exploring.

It's coming fairly soon. To line up Windows seven on Vmware, just tell vmware that you will be using Vista. This works well because one of the explicit goals of Windows seven is driver and hardware compatibility with Vista.

Installation is a breeze. It essentially looks just like the Windows Vista installer with upgraded graphics. Like all new Windows releases, Microsoft has attempted to appeal to users on the present platform. 

Conclusion:I think it's wise to begin to support this operating system now, especially if you've been holding off company users waiting for a better version of Vista. By the point Windows Vista SP2 Beta is stable and out the door, you will be on the heels of Microsoft's Windows 7 release date. At the least you must install a virtual machine on Vmware for familiarization.

Developers should have their beta copy very shortly. is running a special on Windows 7 Pre Orders until July 11. You get at least 50% off either the Home Premium or Professional version while supplies last.

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