Ruby on Rails - How to Install RoR on Windows Seven

After we know who Ruby is, it's time to know how to install it either on our personal computer or notebook. For the first time, we have to prepare everything which is needed in installation process. Download the latest version of the Ruby. In this case, choose one-click installer for Windows. Installation is quite simple, only one click to execute file with "exe" extension.

Following are steps to install Ruby on Windows Seven. Run download file and accept the terms then on installation destination, choose location and rename folder with Ruby instead of Ruby-192. Don't forget to add ruby executable to your PATH and associate ".rb" and ".rbw" files with this installation. We have to make sure it has been installed properly by check that path whether it has been there by type "ruby -v" on the command prompt or it can't be found. If the Ruby version appeared on the command prompt, it's mean we have successfully installed it on Windows Seven Operating System.

To install rails and all dependencies, we simply type "gem install rails --includes-dependencies" in command prompt. This will take a time depend on our internet connection. If all process went correctly, it's time to make new folder which listed necessary application rails. The good news is we don't need code or step needed to make it happen. They are already have completed code available by type on command prompt "rails new blog". Finally, we check them out by start a web server on your development machine. If every things run well, a welcome aboard will display on screen.

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